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Compliance & Training

With Sarbanes-Oxley influencing the conduct of both public and private companies, having someone on your team who has wrestled with these compliance issues is a necessity. Most sophisticated companies also realize the importance of proper employee training in a host of areas—whether it is antitrust compliance training, or programs emphasizing how to avoid claims of harassment, retaliation, or discrimination.

Or perhaps you are the Chief Executive Officer of a trade association and you are considering implementing a standard-setting process for member companies. Wouldn’t you want to be counseled by someone familiar with the body of antitrust law governing which standards are legal and which are impermissible? Putting the policies and programs in place to protect the company or association and insure its employees and agents act both ethically and legally is an essential part of being able to compete effectively in today’s climate.

Having practiced in these areas for many years, you will find Ken brings a fresh approach and seasoned judgment at an affordable price.


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