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Litigation Management & Regulatory Affairs

Unless your company is large enough to hire its own lawyers, many companies find themselves overwhelmed when faced with protracted and difficult litigation. Knowing what counsel to hire, and how to manage the outside lawyers’ activities (and their bills and expenses) so that efficiencies are gained and value is created, is the first step. Second, knowing the right actions to take, both to protect the company’s rights under its insurance policies and to ensure a positive outcome, is also imperative. Trust Ken Morris, who has negotiated multi-million dollar settlements with carriers, to guide you through this process.

In addition, many companies compete in highly regulated industries. With a history of having worked in areas governed by multiple EPA regulations and with clients in a variety of industries—including engineering, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, professional turf and ornamental, and specialty chemical—Ken continues to advise clients how to navigate these regulations in order to insure both compliance and effectiveness in dealing with these agencies.


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