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Dear Small Business Owner:

From time to time, I am asked to speak at association meetings and seminars about legal issues pertaining to small business (see News & Events). I also contribute my advice in a monthly column for Landscape Management magazine. As such, I’ve created quite a bit of useful information that can help your business become profitable, efficient and, most important, defensible.

These quick articles are designed to give you useful tips, ideas and checklists on a variety of business operations and legal topics. Though these can never replace actual legal counsel, they provide important considerations you can use as you grow your business.

Remember, as a small business owner, you DO NOT want to be sued… whether you are culpable or not, the cost to defend yourself can run $100,000 or more. In addition, there are simple changes you can make in your tax or business structure to improve your bottom line.

From time to time, I will add to these and am happy to let you know when I do. To sign up to receive email alerts, please send your address to

Best regards,

PDF FileHow and When to Hire an Attorney 
(From NPMA's Eastern Conference, January 2008)

PDF FileAdvertising Your Small Business
(From NPMA/Pestworld, October, 2007)

PDF FileAvoiding Litigation
(From Lawn Care Assn of PA Annual Meeting, January 2007)


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