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Corporate Matters & Dispute Resolution

Corporations are creatures of the law and knowing what type of legal entity to create (LLC, Subchapter S, Limited Partnership, holding company with subsidiaries, etc.) to best accomplish your objectives comes with experience and training. Minimization of potential liability and maximization of tax advantages are some of the factors to be considered.

Companies must also competently deal with the host of issues which normally confront any business such as protecting the company from discrimination complaints, implementing corporate policies, managing records and electronically stored information, structuring contractual relationships, and more.

Having someone on your team who also practices as a trained arbitrator and mediator will add a dimension not generally present in corporate counsel. Since most corporations have a natural and well-justified distaste for litigation, you need someone on your side who has experience mediating complaints, whether EEOC complaints, commercial disputes, environmental disputes or any of the many other areas of potential disagreement with competitors, suppliers, customers, the public, or governmental regulators.

As a former General Counsel with responsibility for North America, Ken Morris has handled these issues and more. You will receive unsurpassed value and exceptional acumen when you retain Ken to represent you in these areas.


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