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Recent Work

Ken Morris serves a variety of clients ranging from local start-ups to international corporations. Read more about recent work in the following business sectors:

   Small Business
   Association Counseling

Agrichemical and Pharmaceutical Sector:

  • Reviewed and revised basic contractual documents used throughout the U.S. by an agrichemical multinational, enabling the business to restructure its method of going to market and reduce its financial risk.
  • Provided regulatory and commercial counseling and contracting expertise for a leading agchem and pharmaceutical manufacturer’s biotech, crop and specialty businesses.
  • Representing an agchem organization in data compensation negotiations and contracting with generic market entrants.
  • Represent an agrichemical business in its environmental matters and in litigation defense.
  • Serve as the Ethics Officer and General Counsel to a small agchem business. Provide antitrust and claims handling seminars as well.
  • Reviewed and revised a specialty manufacturer’s contracts.
  • Represent a major Northeast firm in EPA matters and recovery of data compensation from third parties.

Small Business Sector:

  • Retained to conduct an environmental audit.
  • Counseled a client on employee termination issues, prepared the appropriate release and handled the negotiations with opposite counsel, and addressed issues arising under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
  • Reviewed noncompetition agreements of a client’s potential employees, researched applicable law, and advised the client accordingly.
  • Enabled a Pennsylvania-based meeting planning organization to avoid substantial business losses in its contracting procedures with clients.
  • Counsel to a Franchisee on business transactions and market opportunities.
  • Retained to defend a national Company in an EEOC discrimination Complaint.
  • Provided business advice to a custom screen-printing business and – through the Institute for Independent business (IIB) – brought financial, IT and business organization expertise to assist the growing organization.
  • Represented a start-up organization in its legal entity formation and in the asset acquisition of an exercise equipment business in the South.
  • Defending a privately held business against U.S. Department of Justice Sherman Section 1 criminal antitrust investigation. Recently resolved by the Department of Justice closing its file on the matter. No fines were paid and no liability was assessed against either the corporation or its officers.
  • Serve as outside counsel and Director to a small Northeastern manufacturer specializing in energy-efficient motors and advanced generators.
  • Providing business transaction counseling to a national firm in the public health sector. 

Technology Sector:

  • Counseled a name-brand tech company in fuel cell contract negotiations with a Canadian organization.
  • Prepared contractual documents for national distribution of high-tech products and service.
  • Assisting a U.S. company providing technology to the electric utility industry in its contractual negotiations throughout the United States and Canada.

Association Counseling:

  • Prepared an antitrust compliance program for a national trade association.
  • Serve as outside counsel to a specialty distributor association; also provide antitrust seminars, compliance advice, and issue monitoring.
  • Provide contractual and communication advice on developing FIFRA and litigation issues to a national specialty/agricultural chemical association.

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